Feeling out of shape?

In need of motivation?

Wanting to get in a healthy routine again?

Our team of Personal Trainers specialise in motivation & getting the results you want, for a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one Personal Trainer.


Our "Welcome To Winter Sale" is running until 30th June

All new members who join before then, receive unlimited Personal Training sessions for 28 days at half price ($110 instead of $220).

It's the perfect way to sample our PT studio!

***And don’t stress if you need to isolate or have travel plans in your 28 day intro.......we can hit pause any time on the intro...and you just pick up where you left off when you return***

We believe in keeping it fair, so you won't miss a thing

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  • Each session runs for 45 minutes
  • There is a Personal Trainer in charge of every session, who will select exercises SPECIFIC for your needs and goals.
  • A key difference to other gyms is our PT sessions are not circuit based, so even though there will be others in a session, you will work at your own pace……in your own area……with your own equipment.
  • The other key distinction with all our PT sessions, is that all exercises are delivered verbally by the PT, not off a TV screen, to give you maximum personalisation.
  • As we are able to customise every single exercise just for you, it is the perfect way to get back into a fitness routine……at an intensity just right for your body



*Toning Up

*Strengthening Core Muscles

*Increasing Mobility/Flexibility

*Feeling Fitter & More Energised

*Enhanced Self-Confidence

*Increasing Bone Density (especially important for our members over 50)


To get you the health & fitness results you are after – we sit down & take the time to find out exactly what YOU want to achieve.

For many, coming out of two years of lockdowns & a disjointed routine, getting back into a healthy routine at a gym they enjoy is their primary goal. For others it is toning up or weight loss.

For older clients, perhaps it's lowering your cholesterol or improving bone density.

Our job as PT's is to identify which of these are your goals......sometimes it's all of the above!...... and then work together to achieve them

Once the training starts, we then need to make the sessions fun & enjoyable, so that you look forward to every session. This ensures exercise becomes part of your weekly routine.

This has been the key ingredient to our members long term success……they love coming to a fun and non-intimidating environment.

We deliberately don't have mirrors in our studio, to make the space feel super comfortable for everyone.


  • Download our app "LTYB" and 'create an account'

  • If you are ready to commit right away, scroll to "Buy Packages" and select Half Price INTRO Deal before it expires. Once set up, we will contact you to discuss a game plan.

  • If you have more questions before you are ready to join, pop your details in the "Get In Touch" section top left of this page and we will call you within 24 hours.
  • From there, we will have an initial conversation either on the phone, via zoom, or personally meet at the studio to show you around. Whichever is most comfortable for you.
  • We want to find out about your goals, your training history, what works for your schedule, any injuries or limitations, and chat through a game plan of how we can potentially help.
  • From there we will find a time to book in an initial PT session...and you are on your way...


We know everyone has a busy schedule, so we offer over 70 sessions per week, 7 days a week. Yes even Sundays we will be working for you!


Booking is super easy, and very flexible.

All sessions are booked via the LTYB app, and you are free to book in or change appointment time up to 5 minutes before the session starts.

For the super organised, sessions can be booked up to 1 month in advance.


We know each member has their our own specific body niggles and limitations, so as your trainer – we take the time to find out exactly what the nature & severity of your injuries are - so that the exercises we prescribe

1) Do not injure you

2) Begin to repair/improve the limitations you have

3) Are matched to your unique goals

We love a challenge, and also enjoy liasing with your medical professional (physio, osteo etc) to work on a rehab program where required.

If you are returning to exercise post-surgery, we can liase with your surgeon and rehab specialist.


Firstly….you won’t be alone!'ve come to the right place!!

If your fitness is back to rock bottom, our PT team will initially program at a low intensity then slowly build up as your confidence and fitness base improves.

A lot of new members currently joining have been inactive for a long period of time. Our speciality is motivating anyone back into a routine, no matter how inactive they have been.


For beginners – LTYB is a great place to start. Many of our members are “first time in a gym” – and the fear of joining a traditional gym can be intimidating. First timers often say “I have no idea what to do at a gym” or “am I doing this exercise right” or "I am so unfit, I'm worried everyone will be looking at me".

Firstly....most will be just as unfit as you right now, and infinitely more worried about themselves than you. Second, once you have done a few sessions, you'll quickly realise everyone else is in a similar boat as you, just trying to improve themselves to be happier and healthier for daily life.

We also love to teach…...and take great enjoyment in showing newbies how to use gym equipment and get your technique just right.


No. As it is a real person delivering the exercises, we can deliver ANY programming, on ANY day.

So if you usually do cardio & core on a Monday, but miss that session due to another commitment, just rebook for Tuesday and we will program where ever you are up to in your training sequence.


We are big on guiding your nutrition & healthy eating, but are not into “fad diets”, rapid weight loss, or unsustainable short term results.

We very much have a 52 week a year philosophy, so once we help you lose the weight, we make sure the weight stays off.....FOR GOOD!

Some of our members have been with us for over 10 years. At first we focus on the shifting the weight, then it's a matter of pivoting the programming and keep that weight off.


We've always known the benefits of our sessions have been not just physical, but mental as well.

The rolling lockdowns in 2020-2021 have re-enforced just how crucial organised exercise in a supportive environment is on everyone's mental wellbeing.

We all need an escape from the daily grind of work, study, uncertainty, social by coming along to our sessions to recharge your batteries and have a laugh with our trainers for 45 minutes, while you exercise, is producing many smiles again.

We know exercise isn't everyone's favourite thing to do, BUT by building a fun atmosphere, our sessions become an enjoyable part of your day.


The other key ingredient is what will it cost. Any gym membership needs to be affordable and sustainable.

By having multiple people in the same PT session, the costs are shared as compared to a one-on-one PT session which can cost north of $60 per 45 minute session.

Once you have completed your Intro Offer we have two main types of membership

A high volume per week membership, suitable if you plan 3 (or more) sessions a week. This membership is $55 and allows you to come every day if you wish.

The low volume membership is suitable for those looking to train 1 - 2 sessions per week. You can buy your sessions in packs of 10, 25 or 75

10 sessions / $220

25 sessions / $450

75 sessions / $1,110

Note there is no need to decide now if you will join the weekly membership or pack membership......this is what the 28 day intro offer is for. By the end of the 4 weeks you'll have a really clear understanding of your routine and how many sessions per week you can realistically commit to.

Or you might not like us and never come back after the 28 days haha!

If you are keen to find out more, and for us to help you get back into a healthy routine in 2022, scroll up to the "Get In Touch" section and we will touch base to chat more with you. See soon!

No Mirrors

Supportive Trainers

Be part of a fitness community

No lock in contracts

LTYB Marden coming soon!



Photo of Andrew Frazer


Owner & Personal Trainer

It has been a unique journey to the PT world for our owner Andrew. Starting life out of university as a financial adviser in the early 2000s, Andrew then moved overseas and travelled the globe for many years running tours for Contiki. In 2012 he returned to Australia, and planned to work as a Personal Trainer for only one year at Listen To Your Body before getting back to the “real world” of finance and an office job.

Discovering the daily joy of helping people get their health, fitness, positive mindset and self-esteem in order - Andrew stayed a further 5 years, before eventually buying the Strathmore studio in 2017 from the founder LTYB Ben Fletcher. The Strathmore PT team has expanded significantly in the last 3 years, and the studio was recently renovated & refurbished.

Andrew is now happily married to wife Elle, and has two young children Angus & Mya

Photo of Chris Muratore


Head Personal Trainer

Chris Muratore is LTYB Strathmore's Personal Training Manager who has been with us for 12 years. Chris lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle and when not on the PT floor full time, is training himself….or watching his other passions…wrestling & the bombers!

Chris has an inate ability to connect with every member from the second they walk in the door - making them feel welcome and at ease. He is a natural leader - who captained his local football side Parkside, before taking over as coach. He is also director of coaching at Strathmore Cricket Club.

Chris is married to his lovely wife Dani who trains frequently at the studio - and they have two beautiful daughters Leila & Ruby

Photo of Elle Frazer


Owner & Personal Trainer

Elle is co-owner of LTYB Strathmore with her husband Andrew. Her primary role is teaching secondary school science, but in her spare times runs much of the social media at LTYB and drops in to take the occasional PT class. She is also the mother of two young toddlers, Angus and Mya

Elle has an amazing passion for fitness, and completed her Personal Training qualifications back in 2012. She loves her netball almost as much as her beloved Kangaroos!

Photo of Cris  Abate


Studio Manager & Personal Trainer

Cris is possibly the best LTYB success story in our 19 year history.

Joining as a client in 2007, Cris had been heavily overweight her entire life – and after trying every diet and training program under the sun – finally found success with LTYB – losing over 40kg……and keeping it off ever since.

Yes losing weight is difficult, but the eternal battle to keep it off once lost is the hardest part – and Cris is devoted to mentoring LTYB members in winning the battle she has now won for over a decade.

With the new positive mindset, and thirst for life that came from gradually losing the 40kg over 2 years – Cris was inspired to help others who had been in her position to improve their health & mental wellbeing – so went back to school to earn her PT qualification, and started work for LTYB as a trainer.

In 2013 she set off on a lifelong dream to travel around Australia for 2 years in a caravan with her wonderful husband Kev, before finding her way back to LTYB Strathmore.

Cris is an avid bombers fan, and the “mother hen” of the studio – always making sure the staff and members are taken care of – and a constant source of bright & fun loving energy for the studio.

Photo of Deeanne Hafner


Personal Trainer

Deanne had yo-yo with weight for many years, Then she decided that Fitness and well being had to become a key foundation in her life. Started her own personal journey which has included losing 80kg. To help inspire others and explain the benefits of personal fitness, both physically and mentally, She returned to education to complete her Cert 4 in Personal Training and Fitness In 2018.

She is very passionate about helping others to get fit healthy and strong!

She also prides herself on great people skills and loves to encourage clients to reach their goals, built around their individual fitness levels.

Photo of Tom Markey


Personal Trainer

Tom started his fitness journey at LTYB Strathmore over 5 years ago, and quickly developed an appreciation for training at an elite level. His passion for health and fitness was evident, and wanting to help others reach their goals and become the best person they can be physically and mentally, he gained his PT qualification and joined the Strathmore PT team in September 2020.

Outside of LTYB, he loves to keep active, and plays football alongside head trainer Chris at Parkside FC. He has been playing since age 6, and is a passionate Western Bulldogs fan. Tom brings great energy to his classes, and is constantly researching new exercises & techniques to keep his sessions fun & engaging for all members.

Photo of Evolt Scanner



“The Evolt Active Body Scanner is now available at the LTYB Strathmore studio. Evolt is the smart way to track your progress and body composition. It's not just an App, it's a real measure of your success. The Evolt Active App will store your body composition results so you can track, monitor, and analyse your progressive results. KNOW YOUR MACROS Not only can you track over 25 different key health indicators such as muscle mass, fat mass, hydration levels, protein and minerals levels – the highly intuitive Evolt Active App delivers the world's first Artificial Intelligent Macronutrient Profile. This provides powerful insights into the amount of protein, carbs, and fat that should be consumed and subsequent energy to be expelled for optimum improvements for your particular body type.Once you have scanned on the Evolt 360 you will be able to access the Macronutrient Profile Platform via the App; here you will gain all the tailored knowledge and will be able to choose specific health and fitness goals. Email to book your first scan. “

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  • Pop your contact details into the "get in touch" section and we will give you a call in the next 24 hours

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  • Arrive on time
  • Our friendly PT team will give you a warm welcome
  • We will take you through a warm up (6 - 8 mins)
  • The trainer will guide you through your workout (35 mins approx)
  • The final 3 minutes is a cool down / stretch
  • Session complete


I’ve been a member at LTYB for about 3 years now and couldn’t speak highly enough of the gym. All the trainers have their own different ways of taking classes yet you always seem to get the same result (leaving the gym all hot and sweaty). They plan and set your workout to cater for how you feel on any given day which is a skill in itself. The gym is a safe haven and has a real ‘family’ feel about it, I’d encourage anyone out there who’s thinking of joining to come on in and try it out!
Nicholas Moro
I started at LTYB in my late 50s to get fitter, convinced that gym wasn’t really for me…..I was too old, unfit and didn’t know a treadmill from a barbell. I’m still there 12 years later. LTYB has a good model for personal training, tailoring everyone to their ability and goals. The staff are very dedicated, great motivators and supporters. The studio has a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere, and I always look forward to my next session.
Marita Marchetti
I've been attending LTYB Strathmore for 4 years and am extremely satisfied with their offering. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly whilst at the same time providing an environment which allows people to meet their goals. It offers the financial benefits of group training whilst providing programs personalised for the individual. Andrew and his team are constantly looking to improve their offering and are very knowledgeable and approachable. Their handling of the Covid era has been first class, ie timely communication with innovative ideas to provide training and support.
John Coli
You’re one step away from a healthier you!