About Listen To Your Body

The LTYB journey began back in 2001 when Founder Ben Fletcher was a One on One Personal Trainer out of Ascot Vale in Victoria.

Ben and his team of more than 40 Personal Trainers from 2001-2009 developed super high standards of Personal Training and changed the lives of thousands of members.

In 2009 after 200,000+ Personal Training sessions, LTYB took a left turn in the road to create a Unique Group PT Model that is truly unique to all member types.

Firstly, there are 3 predominant options for people looking to join a fitness facility.

1) Join a mainstream gym

2) Join a Group Fitness Model

3) Employ a Personal Trainer

Although the 3 options can work for many people, the issues can be:

A mainstream gym will be suitable if you have a high training IQ, plenty of experience, can program for yourself and understand correct techniques.

A group fitness model can be suitable if you have no limitations, a strong fitness background, understanding of correct movements and happy to try and keep up with other members in the class.

Employing a Personal Trainer can work if that specific Trainer is very well skilled, can connect to your goals and is financially viable to see a Personal Trainer 2-4 times per week for an investment of up to $10,000 per year.

LTYB was created to provide a cost effective solution which gives you a Personal Trainer every time you train who will customise your workouts specific to your training history, limitations, exercise experience and Health and Fitness goals.

Each studio has no mirrors, appointment only workouts which avoids over-crowding, no contracts, no joining/exit fees, user friendly booking system and membership options via our app and a Small Fitness studio setting with a full equipment fit out.

This enables you to book when suits you, train at your pace under the guidance of a Personal Trainer and not lock yourself in for any length of time as majority of members enjoy our week to week membership.

LTYB can train anyone from Beginner to Advanced due to our customised model.

LTYB currently has 16 studios in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and growing.

The Journey Continues.....

Ben Fletcher

LTYB Founder