The Point Cook Studio is located in Wallace Avenue opposite the Williams Landing Train Station.

You can park within 100m of the studio and enter up the front or rear stairs.

The studio has a full range of Life Fitness equipment, a mix of functional equipment and a friendly boutique semi -private atmosphere with very supportive trainers and members to help you get results.

No matter where you have come from, we individualise each member's session to suit them. In every session, each member will have their own specific exercises programmed towards their goals.

We track progress through our member's journey to ensure we have accountability.

Please contact us on 0481 148 070 if you would like to check out the studio?

No Mirrors

Supportive Trainers Train You

Be part of a fitness community

No lock in contracts

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Photo of Trevor Fletcher


Studio Owner

I have been involved in the fitness industry as a trainer for 12 years and it is the best decision I have ever made.

Growing up very sporty and very active becoming a trainer was an easy choice. I am extremely passionate about my fitness and want to impart that onto others. I do realise it can be quite difficult for those people who are not conditioned to regular training so I really enjoy the challenge of trying to get the best out of each individual. I was lucky enough to develop the habit of regular exercise from a very young age and I want everyone to have this as part of their life.

I have worked with many clients in my time from kids to elderly , inactive to highly active clients and I try to adapt my style to each person so that they get the right prescription of training to keep improving week by week. I have seen many great stories which gives me great belief that anyone can make it happen. The biggest word is belief and if people have that then they are half way there.

Although I have been training people for over 12 years, I am more determined than ever to make a difference in people’s lives!!

Photo of Jack Fitzgerald


Studio Manager & Personal Trainer

Hey guys! My names Jack and I’ve been in the PT Industry now for over a year!

I grew up in the gym environment from a young age and just seem to never be able to get enough of it! I love pushing others beyond what they think they’re capable of and seeing growth in various aspects of peoples lives!

One of my favourite quotes “You can’t cheat Hard Work!!!"

Photo of Claire Newcombe


Personal Trainer

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin. I have always loved exercise and being active, and I want to be able to motivate and encourage others to achieve their goals. I have grown up living an active and sporty life, having played netball for over 10 years. I love trying new forms of exercise and movement like pilates and triathlons as well as running and strength training.

Exercise is so important for our well being and I am excited to get the best out of our clients, so they can live a healthy and active life which is maintainable for them. Seeing our clients improve, getting stronger and fitter as well as no longer feeling stiff and sore is what motivates me to be the best personal trainer I can be!

Photo of Karina (Frenchie) Sorelli

Karina (Frenchie)

Personal Trainer

Karina Sorelli (or Frenchie) is from Paris and is a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Fitness and sports have always been a huge part of her life, although what ultimately made Karina want to become a PT herself is her very own journey.

She lost 20kgs in 2 years whilst also reaping and loving the benefits of a healthier life and learned so much throughout the process thanks to the amazing PTs she was surrounded by at the time. It made her determined to share her newfound success and knowledge with as many people as she can.

Her energy, enthusiasm and smile are all contagious and are big assets to the industry. She loves helping people reach their goals and improve their daily lives, whether that be physical &/or their mental health.

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Really supportive trainers whether you're starting your health journey or enjoy regular workouts each session is tailored to suit you. Classes are easy to book on the app and time goes so quick once you get into it. A really good community of people who enjoy a fun environment to get fit!
Mary Cristobal
Friendly, encouraging environment. Trainers genuinely care for you to succeed in your goal. I am 60 and have been going for three years I love how I am feeling and very proud of my progress.
Louisa Lucas
The best gym every. I've been going now for over 5 years and they give you so much support.
Cathy Hunt
I joined LTYB Point Cook 2 years ago. It has been a very welcoming and positive experience for me. I am feeling the fittest I have felt in a very long time. Trevor and his experienced team of trainers already have your individualized program worked out for you when you arrive. Everybody works to their own level of strength and fitness. Thursdays you have the option of doing a challenge workout, which is a great chance to test your level of fitness. Trevor also organizes fitness days throughout the year, which we have the option to attend. These are held at various locations locally. It is a fantastic gym for all ages and I love that there are no mirrors!
Karen Trusler
First month here and I am already loving it! Thanks LTYB for motivating me to be a better version of myself!
Shruti Dua
This gym CHANGED my life. I can’t thank them enough. The instructors work on every person in the room “individually”. Depending on your goal. What you want to achieve. I’ll try to make it as short as possible. I am 70 yrs old. In 2022, I was diagnosed with Chronic Polymialga. It just practically paralysed me! I needed help, as couldn’t dress myself, sit up/off on any chair or toilet, get in/out of car, climb stairs etc etc. Plus always in loads of constant excruciating PAIN. Was placed on HIGH doses Steroids & Medications & under 2 Specialists. After 6mths of the above, I was determined to fight it. Not let it take over me. In 2023, I joined this gym for 2MONTHS, going every day. Honestly I struggled but determined. These instructors HONESTLY, listen & give each person a personalised program to suit your goal. I couldn’t get up off a chair let alone the floor!! Mine was to get fit & get my body moving. I saw small results, so signed up for another 6xmonths. Now 2024, month of April, I am grateful to see myself get out of bed with no struggle, walk up/down stairs (not fast). Dress myself. Able to lift my arms up, stand on one leg & get up off floor in my fashion and a chair etc etc. I thank the dedicated team of instructors, who have patience, a sense of humour, and honestly the friendly vibe in the place. I have made many friends. I have slowly got me back. Thank you. Ps Last wk I even danced the Rock n Roll!!!!
You’re one step away from a healthier you!