Our model caters to everyone regardless of training history, current physical limitations and goals because we take the time to learn your story before training you. Our Personal Trainers select exercises specific for your ability and goals.

The best way to understand is to come along and trial a session yourself. Pop your details in above ["Get In Touch"] – and we will give you a quick call to learn about you.

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Photo of Chris Metaxas


Owner -Personal Trainer

Chris Metaxas – Owner and Head Personal Trainer Physical literacy. These two words describe my beliefs on health, fitness and well-being today. My broad interpretation of physical literacy is having the basic skills and knowledge to value and take responsibility for physical activity. It’s as important as reading and writing skills for improving life quality.

This understanding later in life was a light bulb moment and a catalyst for several changes. Today I am a confident and motivated PT running a business that positively impacts the lives of the local community through physical activity.

All Hawthorn East trainers are Certified Personal Trainers and have undergone further induction training into the LTYB

Photo of Jake Cherry


Personal Trainer

Jake is extremely passionate about the fitness industry and helping people from all walks of life improve their fitness, general health and quality of life. Jake joined our studio when it was just 3 weeks old as a member. He participated in over 300 sessions before deciding to join the PT team in early 2021. Jake has been delivering group classes at various Goodlife locations over the last 5 years. He is great at building rapport with members and has many life experiences that make him unique. He’s been a Life Saver, is a qualified pilot and comes to us from the other side of the world (USA).

Photo of Nick Zappala


Personal Trainer

Nick brings plenty of energy and enthusiasm to every workout. Nothing gives Nick more joy than seeing members achieve their fitness goals and improving their overall quality of life. Nick joined the studio in 2023 running classes on mainly Fridays and Saturdays. When Nick is not at the gym himself you can find him down by the beach enjoying a latte or playing local footy at the Old Yarra Cobras.

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Tailored sessions that put me through my paces and help me realise my body/fitness goals. A supportive team, non-pretentious environment, and a great community feel with other gym goers.
James S
Whatever your fitness level, this team will both work you hard and modify the exercises to suit where you are at right now. I have never felt more strong and fit in my life. If you are looking for a new gym to take you to the next level, i could not recommend Chris and his team more. They have changed my life.
Michelle L
I love LTYB Hawthorn East! Chris is highly professional and continues to help me achieve my fitness goals. The studio is a friendly space to come and train. As someone who doesn’t love mainstream gym environments LTYB offers an enjoyable, comfortable and supportive space to train.
Aishling F
Great personal experience, I’ve been kept motivated and pushing myself for the past 6 months (surprising myself), I really enjoy my sessions and do not feel intimidated at all.
Gary W
I’ve been training at LTYB Hawthorn East for over 4 years. I love it and will tell anyone that is willing to listen. I managed to get my daughter and her husband onboard too!
Diane P
LTYB Hawthorn East provides a welcoming & supportive environment where no two workouts are the same! Staff are professional, members are friendly and there is a genuine sense of community.
Nicole Green
I have been a member for over 2 years now and love my workouts with Chris. Each session is catered towards individual goals and strengths and is set in small group settings.
Dee Harling
I went for a trial session here and instantly knew it was the right place for me. Chris knows every person he trains, and any quirks each body may have. The sessions are beautifully individualised and responsive. I love being challenged in my workouts and Chris delivers, giving me something every time that pushes me without risk of injury or aggravating existing issues. I wholeheartedly recommend LTYB Hawthorn East and feel so glad to be a part of this open, welcoming and friendly community. Membership prices are extremely fair, the quality of training is superb and I will be a member here for as long as they'll have me!
Jim Fountain
You’re one step away from a healthier you!