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Hawthorn East, VIC

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Our state-of-the-art studio provides the best quality personalised training services and classes.

Our Studio

The Hawthorn East Studio is located at 140 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East under the Solstice Apartments. The Studio comprises a full Matrix fitout with a quality finish on every aspect of the site.

Our passionate trainers set us apart - we know your name, goals and exercise limitations. The LTYB model caters for every fitness level and personalises the experience for each individual by running multiple programs i.e. in a group environment you’ll be given unique exercise instruction to help you achieve your goals. The Hawthorn East team delivers on the brand name because no two people are the same.

In addition to running over 50 Group Personal Training sessions each week, we meet lunchtime demand with 30 minute Functional Circuits designed for busy professionals. The circuits run every weekday @12:15 (except Friday’s) and change daily. They include a mixture of cardio and strength based exercises.

What the Members say!!!

Chris & the team are amazing. I have training there since it opened and I have definitely seen results since I started. Chris and the team listen and they help you to achieve your goals. The studio is incredibility well equipped, is very neat and tidy and it never feels like a gym as everyone is friends and it’s fun to be there. I would highly recommend Chris & the staff at Listen to your Body Hawthorn East.

Ian R

LTYB Hawthorn has changed my life! I started as a slow moving, unfit, unhealthy and unhappy person looking to make a change. With the undivided support of Chris and the team, I have not only lost weight and increased my fitness but I have found a passion for working out and looking after myself again. The format of LTYB studios makes exercising fun and easy to fit into a busy life style. I would highly recommend LTYB to anyone and everyone! Thanks Chris for helping me to start loving myself again!

Nicole B

Chris runs a brilliant studio at Hawthorn East LTYB. He is passionate about fitness, dedicated to his clients and provides a fun and positive environment where we enjoy a laugh while working out. I've seen incredible results all thanks to Chris' motivation and encouragement.

Kate B

Our Team

  • Photo of Chris Metaxas

    Chris Metaxas - Owner -Personal Trainer

    Chris Metaxas – Owner and Head Personal Trainer
    Physical literacy. These two words describe my beliefs on health, fitness and well-being today. My broad interpretation of physical literacy is having the basic skills and knowledge to value and take responsibility for physical activity. It’s as important as reading and writing skills for improving life quality.

    This understanding later in life was a light bulb moment and a catalyst for several changes. Today I am a confident and motivated PT running a business that positively impacts the lives of the local community through physical activity.

    All Hawthorn East trainers are Certified Personal Trainers and have undergone further induction training into the LTYB

  • Photo of Selena Droessler

    Selena Droessler - Personal Trainer

    Selina is extremely passionate about the fitness industry and helping people from all walks of life improve their fitness, general health and quality of life.

    Selina generally prefers weight training over cardio but realises the importance of incorporating all types of exercise into training.

    She brings 8 years experience with her to LTYB from a multidisciplinary background. Outside the studio, her passions include dancing and dance teaching (12 years) and snow sports.

  • Photo of Oliver Van Toledo

    Oliver Van Toledo - Personal Trainer

    Oliver is Listen To Your Body Fairfield’s young gun who also works at our studio. Oliver started is LTYB journey as a 17 year old member. His dedication to training at 6:30am most mornings before undertaking VCE was impressive.

    Oliver holds many records at LTYB. Quickest 1km row and quickest 1km run to name a few. Oliver is super fit and wise well beyond his age. Oliver loves basketball and plays and coaches kids weekly.

    Oliver is studying Arts at Melbourne University and amongst his other talents speaks fluent French!

Membership Pricing

  • 1 Month Intro Offer Unlimited Sessions (max one per day)
    Prepaid only
  • 25 PT Sessions
    Prepaid only
  • Weekly Membership (max one per day)
    Direct debited weekly
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