Listen To Your Body
Geelong, VIC

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We specialise in training beginner to advanced in a small group training studio with a focus on individuality.
If you haven't trained for a long time, never trained, or want to get to the next level, we can help you.

Our Studio

How do LTYB Geelong Group Personal Training sessions work?

  • Each session runs for 45 minutes
  • There is a PT in charge of every session to personally guide you come back to exercise.
  • Our individualized method of training allows the PT to select specific exercises just right for you. So even though there will be others in a session, you will work at your own pace, with your own equipment, on your own set of exercises specific to your goals and level of fitness
  • The perfect way to ease back into some training post lockdown

For those new to Listen To Your Body Geelong, read on for some info on our training philosophy. The LTYB method of training has achieved amazing results for our members over the last 18 years by doing things a little differently….....

What's our secret to success?

The only way to get you the health & fitness results you are after – is to sit down & take the time to find out exactly what YOU want to achieve. For many, weight loss is going to be the primary goal.

For others, it may be toning up or improving muscle strength. For those stuck working from home, there will be a goal to switch on core muscles again.

For older clients, perhaps it's lowering your cholesterol or improving bone density.

And for nearly all of us, we just want to feel connected again.

How can you get started?

Before we start training you, we learn what you are looking to achieve via our consultation form which educates our team on your needs.

Once the training starts, we need to make the sessions fun & enjoyable, so you look forward to every session. This ensures exercise becomes part of your weekly routine. This has been the key ingredient to our member's long-term success……they love coming to fun and non-intimidating environment. Regardless of your age and fitness level, we are always progressing you relative to your ability.

How many sessions do you run a week?

We know everyone has a busy schedule these days, so we offer over 70 sessions per week, 7 days a week. Yes even Sundays we offer sessions!

You can download the LTYB APP and check out the schedule under "explore"

How do you book in?

All sessions are booked via an app, and to give you maximum flexibility, you are free to book in up to 1 sec before start time, although booking in advance gives you the best chance to get into your preferred timeslot.

What if I have a heap of injury limitations, or haven’t stepped foot in a gym for years?

We know each member can have specific body niggles and limitations, so as your trainer – we take the time to find out exactly where your body is at - so that the exercises we prescribe

1) Do not injure you

2) Are matched to your goals.

Consistent Training can help with-

*Reducing Body Fat


*Strengthening Core

*Increasing Flexibility

*Muscle Strength

*Improving cardiovascular endurance

*Increasing Bone Density (especially important for our members over 50)

What if I haven’t done much exercise for a while and are looking to ease back into training?

Firstly….this is where we specialise. 99% of members come to us as inactive.

We ease you into training.

Check out the 60-second video below of some of our wonderful members in action! If you are interested - we'd love to have you along - just pop your details in above ["Get In Touch"] – and we will give you a quick call to say hello and get the ball rolling.

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Our Team

  • Photo of Jaimi Blackman

    Jaimi Blackman - Personal Trainer

    Jaimi is a super keen runner and often is seen running 30KM at the You Yangs on a weekend.

    Jaimi is very committed to the LTYB Geelong members and tackles each day to improve the lives of members.

  • Photo of Maria Howlett

    Maria Howlett - Personal Trainer

    I absolutely love health and fitness, it is just part of my life. I have been a personal trainer for 11 years and it is such a passion of mine. Fitness to me is about how it makes me feel on a whole.

    That feeling of physical and mental wellness and striving to reach goals is what I want to pass onto the people I train, which then creates a positive energy and environment.

  • Photo of Jack Fitzgerald

    Jack Fitzgerald - Personal Trainer

    Jack is a very passionate and outgoing Personal Trainer who found his love for fitness and exercise at a young age. Growing up in the gym environment his whole life, Jack has always been surrounded by healthy, fit and driven people.

    Jack has always been active, playing a lot of sports such as basketball, touch football, badminton and tennis from a young age. What drives Jack to being the best Personal Trainer he can possibly be is his want to serve and help people along their fitness journey.

    Everyone has their own battles with injuries and illnesses and Jack is there to help you every step of the way. He will help guide, correct, teach and equip you with all the tools you need in order to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Photo of Danial Zulkifli

    Danial Zulkifli - Personal Trainer

    Danial completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at RMIT. Growing up he loved his sport, having played tennis and basketball and was also involved in coaching. He loves to keep fit, healthy and has a keen interest in resistance training! Danial is here to help the members of LTYB achieve their health and fitness goals and would love to view progress in everyone. In the future Danial hopes to pursue a career as a physiotherapist and help with the rehabilitation of injuries.