Listen To Your Body
Fairfield, VIC

(03) 9939 8228
Our state-of-the-art studio provides the best quality personal training services and classes.

Our Studio

Our Fairfield Studio is situated along bustling Station St. directly opposite IGA and amongst the many wonderful café’s and restaurants.

Our studio is 130sqm and comprises a State of the art Life Fitness Equipment. However, it is not just our quality fit out that makes us unique, it’s our team of passionate trainers and our model that sets us apart.

At Listen to Your Body Fairfield, we know your name and your goals. You will be welcomed by name upon entering our facilities. We know that by creating a supporting environment, you will want to come back again and again.

Our Team

  • Photo of Angela Anagnostopoulos

    Angela Anagnostopoulos - Personal Trainer- Good Form Chiropractor

    Studio owner and personal trainer Angela embodies health and fitness.
    Angela can be seen throughout Fairfield and Alphington running each and every morning.
    Angela has a passion for strength training, her quads have their own post code.

    A technique nut, Angela will ensure your squats, presses and even your running is spot on.
    Angela is a qualified chiropractor, and couples training and technique into her Good Form Chiropractic consultations.

  • Photo of Leanne Foenander

    Leanne Foenander - Studio Manager

    Studio owner Leanne saw an opportunity to introduce the unique Listen to Your Body training model to the Fairfield community in 2014.

    Having trained at the iconic Strathmore studio for 3 years Leanne wanted to replicate and share her incredible journey towards health and fitness into other communities.
    Leanne will be your first point of contact. She will set up a time to chat and to really nail down realistic and achievable goals.

    Leanne can be seen at all odd hours of the day sitting at her front desk, calling, emailing and setting plans for members.

  • Photo of Brett  Mannix

    Brett Mannix - Personal Trainer- Good Form Chiropractor

    Brett is simply the best. Brett won the converted LTYB Personal Trainer of the year in 2019 awarded as the best trainer in the network.

    Brett’s workouts coupled with his ripper personality will sure to make you smile and sweat all at once.
    Brett is a much loved member of Listen to Your Body. Known as the smiling assassin, don’t let his easy going nature fool you. Brett is a qualified chiropractor, and couples training and technique into his Good Form Chiropractic consultations.

  • Photo of Matthew Nicastri

    Matthew Nicastri - Personal Trainer

    Matthew Nicastri is a Fairfield local and is simply -a beast of trainer. Matthew is our longest serving trainer and is a member favourite.

    His speciality is training, coaching and gaining members trust he is also a stickler for technique. Matthew is the master of reading a situation and is a much loved member of Listen to Your Body Fairfield team. His passion and dedication to our members is unmatched.
    Matthew is a fifth year chiropractic student.

  • Photo of Oliver Van Toledo

    Oliver Van Toledo - Personal Trainer

    Oliver is Listen To Your Body Fairfield’s young gun. Oliver started is LTYB journey as a 17 year old member. His dedication to training at 6:30am most mornings before undertaking VCE was impressive.

    Oliver holds many records at LTYB. Quickest 1km row and quickest 1km run to name a few. Oliver is super fit and wise well beyond his age. Oliver loves basketball and plays and coaches kids weekly.

    Oliver is studying Arts at Melbourne University and amongst his other talents speaks fluent French! Oliver is unofficially younger brother to Matt and Brett.

Membership Pricing

  • 1 Month Intro Offer Unlimited Sessions (max one per day)
    Prepaid only
  • 20 PT Sessions
    Prepaid only
  • Weekly Membership (max one per day)
    Direct debited weekly
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