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Listen To Your Body Fairfield (LTYB) launched in 2014 and is an all female owned fitness space.

Before reading about LTYB, it is more important to ask yourself some questions?

Do you think you would benefit having a Team of Trainers keeping you accountable?

Are you currently out of a training routine?

Does it appeal to you to walk into a fitness space and for someone to deliver a workout especially designed for you?

Would you benefit training in a small group versus a big, crowded gym?

Does it appeal to you having a trainer monitoring your technique and intensity to ensure it meets your level?

Does it interest you to join a mirror free, judgement free and fully supported fitness studio?

Is motivation an issue?

If any of this sounds like you, Listen To Your Body may be suitable to help you achieve your goals.

To make your job easier, here are some questions that most people ask:

-What are your session times? We run session times from 5.45am-10.30am and 4.45-7pm most days and weekend mornings. It is best to download the LTYB app to check timetable. (See the tab “Explore)

-I haven’t trained in years, will I be able to keep up? Yes, you are like 90% of kickstart members. There is no circuit, we personalise your session to your level.

-What happens if I want to cancel? Just drop us an email and we stop. There are no fees.

-Is there a joining fee? Absolutely not!

-Can you guarantee results? No, we can’t, but we know if you were to train consistently, you are a good chance to progress which drives results.

-How much is a membership? The most popular is the weekly unlimited. Which is $55 a week for unlimited sessions and training. There is no contract and you can stop or start at any time.

-How do I start? You can contact us below to chat first or you can jump on the APP and self-set up. Go to “MORE” and follow the prompts. We then contact you for further details.

Does this sound of interest?

Next step- If you would like to schedule a time to have a short chat please email or call/sms 0412 988 053

Or go to the App or play store and download app below.

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We hope to hear from you..

Leanne LTYB Fairfield

No Mirrors

Supportive Trainers Train You

Be part of a fitness community

No lock in contracts

LTYB Ascot Vale coming soon!



Photo of Angela Anagnostopoulos


LTYB Owner - Chiropractor - Personal Trainer

Angela has an absolute passion for personal training. She has trained 1,000’s of Fairfield locals over the last 10 years. Angela is not just about pushing members to achieve their goals, she is about doing the right exercises with precise technique. Angela is a mum of 2 year old Hugo. Angela trained herself and members right up to Hugo’s birth. Angela specialises in technique, strength and training our members throughout pregnancy and beyond. Angela is also a passionate chiropractor.

Photo of Leanne Foenander


LTYB Owner

Leanne is your first point of contact when you call, email or message us. Leanne is absolutely dedicated to getting to know your goals. In your first contact with Leanne, she will organise a time to meet in studio to put together a Needs Assessment Plan. During this discussion a plan will be put in place to ensure you reach your training goals. Leanne’s passion is to meet as many Fairfield locals and to show you that change is possible it just starts with belief! Here’s to taking the first step.

Photo of Matthew Nicastri


Chiropractor - Good Form Chiropractor - Personal Trainer

Matthew is a Fairfield local and has been a trainer at LTYB Fairfield for 8 years. He is first and foremost a standout individual, a compassionate and understanding chiropractor and a beast of a trainer.

His speciality is training, coaching and delivering tailored strength workouts. Matthew is the master of understanding individual needs and is a much loved member of our community. Matthew is also a dedicated chiropractor and has works out of LTYB Fairfield as a chiropractor.

Photo of Lindsay Bolt


Personal Trainer

Lindsay is a Fairfield local, dedicated family man and one of the hardest workers going around. Lindsay was a triathlete and coach in a previous life and also CEO of some big name companies. Lindsay still works full time in sales but in his spare time, he loves training members. We are wrapped to have this amazing trainer on our team. Lindsay is compassionate, dedicated and his work ethic is unrivalled. If its your first session or your 100th Lindsay will deliver a tailored, balanced workout with a smile.

Photo of Dion Forgione


Personal Trainer

Dion, a 27-year-old personal trainer whose infectious energy and enthusiasm. With a soccer background that led him across the fields of Europe, Dion infuses every session, be it in the gym or on the field, with a driven spirit. Alongside his loyal furry companion, he navigates through a multitude of fitness pursuits, from cycling and running to delving into the intricacies of pickleball. Dion rides his pushbike to every LTYB shift from Mill Park to Fairfield. This sums up this energetic trainer!

Photo of Our LTYB Fairfield FF PT's

Our LTYB Fairfield

Personal Trainers

Meet the team!

Photo of Amanda D


Yoga / Meditation

Amanda is a our Yoga and Meditation guru.

Exceeding our members expectations at every step of the way Amanda is a staple and much loved teacher.

Here are what our members say.

"Amanda gives us so much in her classes. Wednesday evenings are our highlight." Vicki

"Wednesday yoga classes help with my sleep." Sarah

"The 50 minute class helps with my stress. I can leave my worries behind." Diana

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You’re one step away from a healthier you!


  • Download the LTYB app
  • Create an account
  • Select suitable option
  • Receive and fill out consult form
  • Book in your first session

(or contact your preferred studio if you would like to discuss)


  • Arrive on time
  • Put your belongings in a lockers
  • The trainer will instruct you on where to warm up
  • The trainer will guide you through your workout
  • Session complete


Absolutely love my local LTYB. Trainers are engaged, committed and they actually care about each and every member. I love that you feel part of a team and yet are treated as an individual. Trainers listen to me, my limitations, my goals and work with that information. Gym is clean, well run - just a great experience all round.
Tracey L
Friendly and fun. Energetic and hard work. The trainers here never lose sight of these four traits, resulting in the best gym experience I've ever had - and I've been to a few. They go as hard, slow, fast or soft as you want that day, which is the mark of an attentive training group. The work they have put into strengthening my lower back and core - key for a cyclist/mountain biker like me - have been key to being injury free and comfortable on long rides. Even their taste in music (mostly) works for me ...
Phil G
I have been a member now for 8 and a half years. These wonderful trainers have turned my life around. Not only have they made me a much stronger person physically and mentally but they make me feel so welcome and valued every time I train. As a 64 year old woman, LTYB Fairfield is now a necessary part of my wellbeing. And don't think for a moment they are easy on me! I am constantly given demanding challenges, which I love taking on. My 3 adult daughters and my husband are also devotees now. Thank you.
Deb P
Great staff and workouts, friendly and accessible anyone. Have a chat and they will sort you out with workouts that are suited to your activity level and goals. Give LTYB a go!
Josh S
The trainers at LTYB are fantastic. They have developed a personalised program which has helped me to build both my fitness and strength whilst recovering from a foot injury. It has the benefits of PT in a group setting which helps me stay motivated.
Erika T
The trainers are so much fun and really get results. Everyone in the class is so friendly too. All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome so it's a really diverse group of people. They make getting into shape a joy!
Sharyn L
You’re one step away from a healthier you!