In need of motivation?

Feeling out of shape?

Is a healthier 2024 on your radar?

Our team of expert Personal Trainers has you covered.

We specialise in motivation & getting the results you want fast, for a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one Personal Trainer.


  • Each session runs for 45 minutes

  • There is a Personal Trainer in charge of every session, who will select exercises SPECIFIC for your needs and goals

  • A key difference to other gyms is our PT sessions are not circuit based, so even though there will be others in a session, you will work at your own pace……in your own area……with your own equipment.

  • We don't have rigid or set days of the week for "Cardio" or "Strength". Whichever day you attend, each member can focus on any mode of training they prefer. Some will be doing a strength/resistance focus, some will be doing a cardio/core focus - others prefer a mix of the two for 45 minutes.

  • As we are able to customise every single exercise & session just for you, it is the perfect way to get back into a fitness routine……at an intensity just right for your body



*Toning Up

*Strengthening Core Muscles

*Increasing Mobility/Flexibility

*Feeling Fitter & More Energised

*Enhanced Self-Confidence

*Increasing Bone Density (especially important for our members over 50)

***We also run Two YOGA classes per week to assist flexibility, energy & vitality***


To get you the health & fitness results you are after – we first sit down & take the time to find out exactly what YOU want to achieve.

For many, the primary goal is simply getting back into a healthy routine. For others it is toning up or weight loss.

For older clients, perhaps it's lowering your cholesterol or improving bone density.

If your job involves sitting at a desk for long periods each day - stiffness in the neck, back and shoulders is often a key focus for us to help to resolve.

Our job as PT's is to identify which of these are your goals......sometimes it's all of the above!...... and then work together to achieve them

Once the training starts, we then need to make the sessions fun & enjoyable, so that you look forward to every session. This ensures exercise becomes part of your weekly routine.

This has been the key ingredient to our members long term success……they love coming to a fun and non-intimidating environment.

We deliberately don't have mirrors in our studio, to make the space feel super comfortable for everyone.


We know everyone has a busy schedule, so we offer over 50 sessions per week, 7 days a week. Yes even Sundays we will be open & working for you!


In a busy world of work, kids, study.....we know flexibility is key.

So we have made the process to book or amend your session time at the last minute super easy.

All sessions are booked via the LTYB app, and you are free to book in or change appointment times up to 10 minutes before the session starts.

For the super organised, sessions can be booked up to 1 month in advance.


Yes! We know each member has their our own specific body niggles and limitations, so as your trainer – we take the time to find out exactly what the nature & severity of your injuries are - so that the exercises we prescribe

1) Do not injure you

2) Begin to repair/improve the limitations you have

3) Are matched to your unique goals

We love a challenge, and also enjoy liasing with your medical professional (physio, osteo etc) to work on a rehab program where required.

If you are returning to exercise post-surgery, we can liase with your surgeon and rehab specialist.


Firstly….you won’t be alone!'ve come to the right place!!

If your fitness is back to rock bottom, our PT team will initially program at a low intensity then slowly build up as your confidence and fitness base improves.

A lot of new members currently joining have been inactive for a long period of time. Our speciality is motivating anyone back into a routine, no matter how inactive they have been.

And if you are already super fit and looking for a change up to your current routine - there's an endless supply of progressions we can dial you up to.

Each person is working in their own space in the studio - so we can easily accommodate all fitness levels.


For beginners – LTYB is a great place to start. Many of our members are “first time in a gym” – and the fear of joining a traditional gym can be intimidating. First timers often say “I have no idea what to do at a gym” or “am I doing this exercise right” or "I am so unfit, I'm worried everyone will be looking at me".

Firstly....many will be just as unfit as you right now, and infinitely more worried about themselves than you. Second, once you have done a few sessions, you'll quickly realise everyone else is in a similar boat as you, just trying to improve themselves to be happier and healthier for daily life.

We also love to teach…...and take great enjoyment in showing newbies how to use gym equipment and get your technique just right.


No. As it is a real person delivering the exercises, we can deliver ANY programming, on ANY day.

So if you usually do cardio & core on a Monday, but miss that session due to another commitment, just rebook for Tuesday and we will program where ever you are up to in your training sequence.


We are big on guiding your nutrition & healthy eating, but are not into “fad diets”, rapid weight loss, or unsustainable short term results.

We very much have a 52 week a year philosophy, so once we help you lose the weight, we make sure the weight stays off.....FOR GOOD!

Some of our members have been with us for over 15 years. At first we focus on the shifting the weight, then it's a matter of pivoting the programming and keep that weight off.


We've always known the benefits of our sessions have been not just physical, but mental as well.

2020-2021 re-enforced just how crucial organised exercise in a supportive environment is on everyone's mental wellbeing.

We all need an escape from the daily grind of work, study, uncertainty, social by coming along to our sessions to recharge your batteries and have a laugh with our trainers for 45 minutes, while you exercise, is producing many smiles again.

We know exercise isn't everyone's favourite thing to do, BUT by building a fun atmosphere, our sessions become an enjoyable part of your day.


The final key ingredient to consistent training is what will it cost.

Any gym membership needs to be affordable and sustainable.

By having multiple people in the same PT session, the costs are shared as compared to a one-on-one PT session which can cost north of $60 per 45 minute session.

We are SO excited to be opening at 113 Keilor Road on Saturday 2nd March

To Celebrate - we are offering Foundation Memberships to the first 50 members who join our new studio

The nuts & bolts are it's a reduced rate to our standard membership (and guaranteed not to change for 3 years) plus a ton of extra's to bring good vibes on opening.

Included for each Foundation Member

*Unlimited PT sessions per week

*Unlimited Yoga sessions per week

*1 Hour Complimentary Massage or Osteo Treatment at ENTA

*12 Months free & unlimited access to our Evolt Body Scan machine

*28 day free trial of a MyZone belt

*No joining fees, no cancellation fee

*Half Price First Month

*Ability to cancel ANYTIME. Our memberships are week to week, so if you try out the studio and it isn't for you - just cancel anytime

*Price = $54 per week. This rate is guaranteed until 2027 as a minimum for foundation members

*Members can pause their weekly membership anytime they are going away on holidays (or unwell).

If you are feeling keen - and ready to make a start when we open - download the LTYB App now, set location to "Essendon" , create an account - select "Foundation Membership" and your spot is locked in.

As mentioned, the first 50 members to sign up via the LTYB app will access all of the above benefits

Still need more info? No problem. Scroll up to the "Get In Touch" section and we will touch base to chat more with you via phone. We're super excited to meet you and even happy to give you a tour of the new space now that we are in the final phases of the fit out

No Mirrors

Supportive Trainers Train You

Be part of a fitness community

No lock in contracts

LTYB Bentleigh , LTYB Essendon coming soon!



Photo of Andrew Frazer


Owner & Personal Trainer

It has been a unique journey to the PT world for our owner Andrew. Starting life out of university as a financial adviser in the early 2000s, Andrew then moved overseas and travelled the globe for many years running tours for Contiki. In 2012 he returned to Australia, and planned to work as a Personal Trainer for only one year at Listen To Your Body before getting back to the “real world” of finance and an office job.

Discovering the daily joy of helping people get their health, fitness, positive mindset and self-esteem in order - Andrew stayed a further 5 years, before eventually buying the Strathmore studio in 2017 from the founder LTYB Ben Fletcher.

Andrew is now happily married to wife Elle, and has two young children Angus & Mya

Photo of Callum Campbell


Personal Trainer

Meet Callum Campbell, our vibrant new trainer hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland. Freshly landed in Melbourne with his partner Beth after an exhilarating 4.5-month backpacking adventure across South-East Asia, Callum brings passion and expertise to our team. Armed with a Personal Training certificate AND a Bachelor Honours Degree in Health and Exercise Science, his sessions combine academic knowledge with many years of hands-on PT experience. Callum's zest for life extends beyond fitness; he's an avid traveler, enjoys running & playing football (aka “soccer”). He supports his local team Aberdeen FC, while his true love is….Manchester United. He's super friendly & engaging - and thrives on listening to diverse stories. Welcome to a new era of training with Callum, he is ready to inspire you on your fitness journey!

Photo of Lea Karavesovska


Personal Trainer

Meet Lea Karavesovska, an exciting addition to the Listen To Your Body Essendon team, who brings passion and expertise to Personal Training. After dancing and gymnastics up until age 14, Lea discovered the gym as her new outlet and this love of health & fitness lead to a Bachelor's in Exercise and Sport Science. In 2024 Lea will pursue a Master's in Clinical Exercise Physiology, so her sessions will combine both academic knowledge and a love for fitness.

Beyond the gym, Lea is actively training for her first half marathon, showcasing her commitment to holistic well-being. A reader and cooking enthusiast, she values a balanced lifestyle – and holidays anywhere there is a beach. Join Lea on a fun fitness journey, and be guided by her energetic and inspiring personality.

Photo of Lauren Sims


Personal Trainer

Meet Lauren, our fun & vibrant Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Lauren's venture into the fitness industry commenced over five years ago, and has been working closely with clients on devising customized nutrition strategies, workout routines and providing one on one support & motivation. Away from her PT & nutrition work - Lauren is a sports fanatic - having represented high-level basketball teams for many years, played competitive AFL football, and even stepped onto the stage for physique competitions.

Lauren's passion is helping guide individuals to reach their utmost potential – and she cant wait to work with you at LTYB Essendon

Photo of Tom McNulty


Personal Trainer

Meet Tom McNulty, a dedicated health and fitness enthusiast at Listen To Your Body Essendon with over eight years of experience. Originating in Warrnambool, Tom is committed to fostering wellbeing and achieving fitness goals. Clients benefit from his personalized and focused approach, and will enjoy his kind, gentle and caring nature.

Photo of Rochelle Te Hiko


Personal Trainer

Rochelle is a PT who grew up as the fat kid on the side lines with her pom poms and popcorn, watching her dad play rugby and compete in bodybuilding as well as cheering on her brother competing in BMX all around the world. When she hit her late teens she decided to enter a gym with her dad and instantly fell in love with health and fitness. Rochelle implemented her own gym and nutrition routine and reduced her weight from 110kg to 65kg within 2yrs. Nutrition and training consistency was a key aspect that ran along with learning about her own body through years of experience in the gym.

Rochelle is Brunswick’s head trainer and loves smashing out creative sessions whilst helping members achieve their goals.

Photo of Flick Quigley


Yin Yoga Instructor

Yin yoga is a slower, more meditative type of yoga, intended to work on stretching the fascia tissue as well as connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments. The fascia and other connective tissues respond to and recover better from longer, slower holds than repetitive muscular exercise that typical training and 'yang' yoga employs. As a compliment to other types of training it allows for greater range of movement, as well as restoring and creating focused stress on parts of the body that do not normally get exercised. The practice will end with mediation/slow breath work (pranayama) leaving you feeling rested and restored.

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