Welcome to Listen To Your Body Elanora, where we celebrate the strength and vitality of our members. Our mission is to empower you to embrace a healthier lifestyle, tailored to your unique needs and goals. At our studio, you'll find a supportive community, expert guidance, personalized group fitness programs & an amazing recovery zone designed to enhance your well-being at any age.

Our state-of-the-art gym is designed to inspire and motivate, creating an environment where you can explore various fitness sessions at your own pace within a small group environment. Whether you're into strength training, yoga, cardio, pilates or a combination of all, we've got the tools and expertise to support your personal goals.

We also offer a Recovery Zone featuring an infrared sauna and ice bath, providing our members with the perfect balance of warmth and cold therapy to enhance recovery after a workout.

Step into our infrared sauna to experience deep tissue relaxation, detoxification, and improved circulation, or immerse yourself in our invigorating ice bath to reduce inflammation, soothe sore muscles, and boost recovery.

Commonly asked questions for new members looking to join.

What times are the sessions?

We have sessions running 5:15am to 10:30am Monday to Friday mornings and 4pm-6:30pm Monday to Thursday Afternoon. Plus 4:15pm Friday afternoon & 6:30-9:45am Saturday.

Pease check app in the link below under the “Explore” tab on the LTYB App for exact session times.

I am unfit, can I do it?

Almost all of our members start out with little or no fitness. This is the market we specialise in as we tailor every work out to you.

What is the price?

A great way to start is our 6 Week Kickstart Promotion for $240. This gives you 6 weeks unlimited sessions with a PT in a small group session. Other packages and membership options are available for viewing on the LTYB App.

I am interested, what are the next steps?

You can do 2 things - You can download the app with the link below, go to “More” and set yourself up or the other option is to send an email to with your details and we can set your membership up over the phone at a convient time.

Apple & Google play store link for the app below.

1. IOS -

2. Google Play -

Experience training that can be tailored to you within a group setting today. We look forward to seeing in our studio soon.

No Mirrors

Supportive Trainers Train You

Be part of a fitness community

No lock in contracts

LTYB Frewville , LTYB Springwood coming soon!



Photo of Jade Hubka


Owner-Personal Trainer

Jade moved to Elanora 4 years ago with her husband and 2 children and have loved living local in the area ever since. She has a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals and feel confident in themselves. As a working mother herself, she understands the challenges of balancing a demanding job, the kid’s chaotic schedules and finding that all-important “me time” to work out.

Jade fell in love with the LTYB Unique Group Personal Training model whilst working at the Elanora Studio as a personal group training instructor.

On the training floor she is always there to listen to her clients, help and support them in all aspects of their health and fitness journey.

LTYB offers an alternative fitness solution for members in the community that may not feel comfortable in a mainstream gym and are intimidated to keep up in a High-Intensity group class. Jade is looking forward to meeting you to discuss how she can help.

Photo of Hayley Todd


Personal Trainer

My name is Hayley Todd and I am highly qualified health and fitness professional who has been in the fitness industry for 10+ years. My experience includes all areas from gym management to one on one and group coaching as well as online coaching. My favourite training is strength training, and high intensity circuits I enjoy freestyle and lifestyle coaching the most.

My qualifications include:

Bachelor of commerce degree major in marketing

Applied sport and exercise leadership Certificate (cert4 )

First aid and CPR

Blue card (working with children)

Certificate in PT wealth business

Photo of Jasmine Capps


Personal Trainer

I have been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 10+ years. My favourite training styles are circuits and group fitness, I love the vibe of everyone grinding it out together! I also love boxing and Pilates. I have spent the last 4 years at home growing and raising our family, we have 3 beautiful children. I'm excited to work in a gym again and explore a new purpose outside of 'mum life' and help you all reach your health and fitness goals.

Photo of Rod Rabelo


Personal Trainer

My love of fitness started at an early age with team sports. I grew up in Brazil playing volleyball, soccer, surfing, mountain biking, running, kite-surfing and more recently snowboarding. Exercise is an important, meaningful part of daily living. Although our schedules can be busy, I believe exercise should be incorporated to become routine. I am an ardent supporter that exercise can prevent health problems and improve quality of life. I look forward to helping everyone achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

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  • Receive and fill out consult form
  • Book in your first session

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  • Arrive on time
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  • Session complete

You’re one step away from a healthier you!