Listen To Your Body
East Keilor, VIC

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Our state-of-the-art studio provides the best quality personal training services and classes.

Our Studio

The East Keilor Studio is located at First Floor 19-21 Centreway, East Keilor.

The EK studio is the flagship fitness studio for the entire network Australia wide due to having the Listen To Your Body Head Office located within the building.

It is also the largest studio within the network with almost 300SQM of floor space to sweat it up!

The aim of the studio is to impact many local members lives through quality training, education and a heap of fun.

What is Listen To Your Body

It's all in our name "Listen to YOUR Body". Everybody is unique and different so that is why we train each individual separately based on any injuries, age or where you are in your fitness journey. From beginners to gym junkies, we can help YOU.

How many sessions do we run a week?

We know everyone has a busy schedule, so we offer over 56 sessions per week, 7 days a week. Yes, even Sundays we will be working for you!

Scroll to the very bottom of this page to see exact times, but in a nutshell, we do 5.45am - 11am + 4.15pm - 7.15pm on weekdays + plus all Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Common questions:

I have never been to a gym before.

That is absolutely fine, as we are there to show you, guide you and teach you how to use all the equipment and watch your technique so there is no room for error or potential injury.

I have an injury which limits some of my movements.

We can work with any injury, over the years we have certainly seen many. We also are very happy to speak to specialists like physiotherapists/oestopaths if they have particular exercises, they want you doing for your injury.

Membership Options:

We have a number of different membership options depending on age & how often you wish to train each week. We value being fair and reasonable in all that we do, so our most popular membership - "The Weekly" has

NO signup fee

NO cancellation fee

NO fixed-term contract.

It is literally week-to-week and can be cancelled at ANY time....including hitting pause any time you go on holidays.

If you are interested - we'd love to have you along - just pop your details in above ["Get In Touch"] – and we will give you a quick call to learn about your goals.

For those of you who know nothing about Listen To Your Body we train clients aged from 12+, currently our oldest client is 73 so you are never too old to get started.


Looking at starting a healthy routine in the gym or assisting with fitness and strength for other sports. We have a few clients who train at the same time as one or both parents or perhaps with another friend. Sometimes having a friend to train with they challenge one another.

Older clients

You may just want to do some functional movement to keep those bones nice and strong and maintain some muscle mass which is lost quickly as we age.

Something as simple as getting up and down from a chair can become hard work. One of my favourite sayings that I once heard from an 80 year old was "Move it or lose it!"

Never been to a gym

We love it when clients have never been to the gym and we can guide them on how to do exercises correctly and help with any aches and pains they may have.

It is great to witness clients not being able to do a plank when they first start to progressing to reaching 1 minute planks or more.

Super Fit

Looking for a change in your fitness journey - we can cater for super fit clients as well. We have lots of challenging workouts to keep you excited and never getting bored of doing the same thing.

What is your WHY?

Everyone has a different why to the reason they want to exercise.

I think the main one due to isolation is to lose those covid kilos. A lot of us have been very inactive during the last 18 months has attributed to these unwanted kilos.

Some of you may just want to tone as you may already do running or a cardio of some sort.

Work on core or glute muscles - these muscles are both so important as they hold us up every day!

Some may come just for the social connection and at LTYB East Keilor you are very much made feel welcome. It is very much a lovely community environment.

If you are ready and want to book in please feel free to book in via our LTYB app.

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Our Team

  • Photo of Laurie Checketts

    Laurie Checketts - Owner-Personal Trainer

    Laurie Checketts is the Owner of Listen To Your Body - East Keilor.

    Laurie grew up on Wyong Street, just metres away from the East Keilor studio, and has lived most of her life in the North Western suburbs of Melbourne.

    Laurie has 3 school-aged children, who provided her original motivation to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    Previously unfit and overweight, Laurie's life was transformed when she joined LTYB as a member and met founder Ben Fletcher in 2010. Ben inspired Laurie to be the best version of herself, culminating in Laurie becoming a personal trainer and LTYB studio owner.

    Laurie is passionate about helping others with their lifestyle and fitness goals, and also has a keen interest in diet and nutrition. On the training floor she is always there to listen to her clients, help and support them in all aspects of their health and fitness journey. She loves designing new fitness programs and tailoring them to exactly what her clients need.

  • Photo of Danial Zulkifli

    Danial Zulkifli - Personal Trainer

    Danial completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at RMIT. Growing up he loved his sport, having played tennis and basketball and was also involved in coaching. He loves to keep fit, healthy and has a keen interest in resistance training! Danial is here to help the members of LTYB achieve their health and fitness goals and would love to view progress in everyone. In the future Danial hopes to pursue a career as a physiotherapist and help with the rehabilitation of injuries.

  • Photo of Anthony Marafioti

    Anthony Marafioti - Personal Trainer

    Hi I’m Anthony!

    I love playing soccer and hope to be a professional one day! I got into PT to share my love and passion for fitness with our awesome clients, and help everyone reach their fitness goals. I’m a go getter and really enjoy training myself.

    My career aspirations are to train athletes of all levels to help them become the strongest person they can be emotionally, spiritually, and physically!

Membership Pricing

  • 28 Day Kick-Start
  • 6 Week Membership (intro offer)
  • Weekly Membership (max one per day)
    Direct debited weekly
  • 10 Session Pass
  • 25 Session Pass
    Upfront (payment plans available)
  • 75 Session Pass
    Upfront (Payment Plans available)
  • Student 10 Session Pass
  • Pensioner 10 Session Pass
  • Student Weekly Membership
    Direct debited weekly
  • Pensioner Weekly Membership
    Direct debited weekly