How do LTYB Diggers Rest sessions work?

At LTYB, we take the time to find out exactly what you want to achieve and cater your workout specifically for you, to help provide you with the best results.

There is a PT in charge of every session. Our individualised method of training allows the PT to select specific exercises just right for you. So even though there will be others training in a session, you will work at your own pace, with your own equipment, on your own set of exercises, specific to your goals and level of fitness.

What if I have a heap of injury limitations, or haven’t stepped foot in a gym for years?

We know each member has their own specific body limitations, so as your trainer, we take the time to find out exactly where your body is at.

Once the training starts, we need to make the sessions fun & enjoyable, so you look forward to every session. This ensures exercise becomes part of your weekly routine. This has been the key ingredient to our member's long-term success……they love coming to fun and non-intimidating environment. Regardless of your age and fitness level, we are always progressing you relative to your ability.

How do I get started?

You can download the LTYB APP and check out the schedule under "explore" and then sign up through the app


Just pop your details in below ["Get In Touch"] – and we will give you a quick call to say hello and get the ball rolling.

No Mirrors

Supportive trainers train you

Be part of a fitness community

No lock in contracts

LTYB Ascot Vale coming soon!

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You're one step away from a healthier you!
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  • Download the LTYB app
  • Create an account
  • Select suitable option
  • Receive and fill out consult form
  • Book in your first session

(or contact your preferred studio if you would like to discuss)


  • Arrive on time
  • Put your belongings in a locker
  • The trainer will instruct you on where to warm up
  • The trainer will guide you through your workout
  • Session complete

You're one step away from a healthier you!
Download the App (iOS)
Download the App (Android)