Listen To Your Body
Bundoora, VIC

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We specialise in training beginners to become advanced.

Our Studio

The LTYB Bundoora studio is located on Janefield Drive behind the Direct factory outlets shopping centre in the heart of Bundoora. The studio opened in 2015 and has strong culture of dedicated members who are supportive of all new members and existing members themselves.

Each member has their own individual plan for each session where the trainer guides our members through the program.

Although we train very fit members and program for the elite member, we specialise in Beginners or people who have not been successful with a standard gym membership or a Group Fitness Business where everyone does the same workout.

The studio is owned by Listen To Your Body HQ who oversee all LTYB Studios in Vic and Qld.

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Our Team

  • Photo of Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher - Owner

    Ben is the founder of the Listen To Your Body the brand which officially launched in 2004 after 3 years of being a sole Personal Trainer. Ben began his PT career in 2001 and was booked out within 3 months with a waiting list of 20+ clients and conducting 80 PT sessions per week.

    In 2004, he branded his little business as Listen To Your body and soon grew his Personal Trainers to 17 and operated multiple departments including Personal Training, Weekend Retreats, Group Fitness, Retail shop, Seminars and Corporate Health.

    In 2008, he decided there was an easier way to conduct one on one Personal Training and piloted a model where each member has a one on one style session within a group. The model took off very fast and since has opened up 12 LTYB studios in Victoria and QLD and growing.

    In his career, Ben has conducted more than 500,000 workouts, been an expert speaker on many panels, been a presenter to many gyms, employed over 100 Personal Trainers, owned and operated very successful LTYB businesses and lastly and most important has a firm mission to get results for members the most efficient way.

    Ben is the current leader of the LTYB Network and recently took over ownership of the Listen To Your Body Bundoora business.

    0409 438 286

  • Photo of Clarissa Tomlinson

    Clarissa Tomlinson - Personal Trainer

    A former basketball player and USA college coach who has always had a passion for strength, conditioning, health and fitness.

    Today I am Personal Trainer, basketball coach, swim coach and mentor.

    I enjoy cooking and eating healthy which is why I am studying to be a Weight Management Practitioner.
    In my spare time I love spending time with family & friends, watching a great movie and working out.

  • Photo of Will  Dornay

    Will Dornay - Personal Trainer

    I've come a long way personally with my fitness and general health, in most part because of LTYB. My personal changes from exercising are what motivated me to become a trainer and help others achieve their goals. I love planes and anything to do with flying! I also have a bit of scifi love (especially star trek and stargate)
    My main focus when training clients at a multiple LTYB Studio's is to give variety in sessions and help our clients enjoy their workouts.

  • Photo of Damien Petrucci

    Damien Petrucci - Personal Trainer

    I have a passion for fitness and sports currently working as a Personal Trainer with aspirations of becoming an AFL Umpire in the future.

    Fitness can mean something different for everyone, for me it is an escape and a time to improve, not only physically but also mentally. As a trainer my purpose is to give each member an experience, one that leaves them feeling more confident, happy and satisfied.

Membership Pricing

  • 1 Month Intro Offer Unlimited Sessions (max one per day)
    Prepaid only
  • 25 Group PT Sessions
    Prepaid only
  • Weekly Membership (max one per day)
    Direct debited weekly
  • Annual Membership
    Upfront or 4 Instalments
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