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Our brand new, state-of-the-art studio provides the best quality personal training services and classes.

Our Studio

The only way to get you the health & fitness results you are after – is to take the time to find out exactly what YOU want to achieve.

For every person this is subtlety different. We each have our own body niggles and limitations, so as your trainer – we take the time to find out where your body is at - so that the exercises we prescribe firstly do not injure you, and secondly are matched to your unique needs.

We cater to many fitness levels – but are not for everyone.

For beginners – LTYB is a great place to start. Many of our members are “first time in a gym” – and the fear of joining can be “I have no idea what to do” or “am I doing this exercise right”. We love to teach… take great enjoyment in showing newbies how to use the equipment and get the exercises just right. We also take pride in ensuring a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. Part of this philosophy includes no mirrors.

We are not into “fad diets”, rapid weight loss, or unsustainable short term results. We very much have a 52 week a year philosophy - to keep you moving physically, and in a positive mental space all year round. Many members who join are pursuing weight loss - so once we help you lose the weight, we want to make sure the weight stays off.....for good.

Other members join to gain strength, increase bone density, achieve more flexibility or improve their cardio for their local sport activities like netball, football, soccer and basketball.

Our youngest member is 16, and our mature members are in their 70's – and some have been with us since we opened in 2014. As you progress with your fitness – we have a full range of strength and cardio equipment to keep workouts varied and motivated every session. Variety is the spice of life! And there is nothing less motivating than doing the same old exercises week in, week out.

Our sessions are unique – and the best way to understand is to come along and try one for free – to see if it is to your liking. If you don't enjoy the session - it will have cost you nothing and you can just sneak out and never come back :)

If you are interested - we'd love to have you along - just pop your details in above ["Get In Touch"] – and we will give you a quick call to say hello and get the ball rolling.

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Our Team

  • Photo of Ash  Kelly

    Ash Kelly - Owner - Personal Trainer

    Ashlee is the owner of LTYB Brunswick. Ash has played in many Basketball premierships and learnt about what it takes to win through her years of sport.

    Ash was forced into early retirement with severe ankle trauma. Ash has always had a passion for health and fitness but really fell in love with the weight room when playing college basketball in America.

    Ash is a Graphic Designer as well as a PT and currently fulfils both roles at LTYB.
    Ash has a strong focus on exercise programming and ensuring that each exercise prescribed has a purpose.

  • Photo of Kaisha Durban

    Kaisha Durban - Personal Trainer

    Kaisha discovered her passion for weight training and conditioning while training with LTYB for the past 5 years. She has been a Barre instructor for Moonee Ponds studio during this time and quickly discovered her passion for personal training through this. As well as weight training and conditioning, Kaisha loves Yoga and Pilates.

    Kaisha has been a dancer since a young age and has toured professionally within children's theatre entertainment. Most recently Kaisha performed with Nickelodeon's "Paw Patrol Live!"; where she toured throughout places such as Australia, New Zealand and China.

    Kaisha is passionate about helping others discover a healthy lifestyle through technique driven exercising.

  • Photo of Lachlan Durban

    Lachlan Durban - Personal Trainer

    Lachlan is currently undertaking his degree at Deakin University in Exercise & Sport Science where he majors in Exercise Physiology and Strength & Conditioning. He has been training with LTYB for 6 years and within that time discovered his appreciation for strength and conditioning training.

    Lachlan played tennis at a young age and moved to football in his teenage years. He recently discovered his love for travel & spent 3 months travelling across Europe and Asia. Lachlan enjoys being active and is currently training to do the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea.

    Lachlan’s goals whilst working at LTYB are to help people reach their goals become better versions of themselves.

What our clients say

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Melanie Webber
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John Andrews