Frequently asked questions

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  • question_answer What is the difference between a LTYB studio and a gym.
    A gym is a place where you either train by yourself, join in a group fitness class or hire a personal trainer. LTYB is a combination of all 3 built into the 1 model. You always have a personal trainer, you are always with other people in small groups and you train in a small boutique studio with high class gym equipment. The only other difference is that members can only train at an LTYB by appointment which is great for accountability.
  • question_answer I haven’t trained for years, is a LTYB suitable for me?
    We specialise and target inactive people. We do this by understanding each individual’s goals and current activity. After this step, we set a plan to progress you towards your goals.
  • question_answer What happens if I go away? Do I still get charged?
    No, our weekly membership is week to week. All you need to do is email your studio manager to advise your suspension dates and we action those changes. You only pay for what you use at LTYB Studios.
  • question_answer Do I need to book in or can I just turn up?
    You do need to book to attend a session. We have limited numbers in each session and the trainer needs to be aware of who is in each session, however, you can book the session quickly and easily via our LTYB APP.
  • question_answer How many sessions per week do you recommend to get results?
    We have trained over 10,000 members in 16+ years and there are no doubts that members who train a minimum of 3 sessions per week, have a well-balanced nutrition intake and live healthy, usually get the best results.
  • question_answer How often can I train?
    You can train as many days as you like (up to one session per day) for intro offers/memberships.
  • question_answer What do I need to bring to a session?
    You need to bring a drink bottle, towel and a great attitude.
  • question_answer Do you cancel classes if there is only 2 or 3 members booked in?
    No, we run sessions if there is 1 member or 15 members.
  • question_answer Do you guarantee results?
    Great question. To be honest that is impossible. If a member trains with us 4 sessions per week, that accounts for 180 minutes. There are 10,080 minutes per week which means we lose control for 9900 of those. We can guide, educate, ensure we have an awesome 180 minutes, but the onus is on the member to make healthy choices in between.
  • question_answer How do I start?
    If you think LTYB may work for you, click on the studio page that you would like to train at and submit an enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call or email the studio direct. From there, the studio team member will contact you to book in a consultation to discuss your goals.