Listen To Your Body
East Keilor, VIC

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Our state-of-the-art studio provides the best quality personal training services and classes.

Our Studio

The East Keilor Studio is located at First Floor 19-21 Centreway, East Keilor. 

The EK studio is the flagship fitness studio for the entire network Australia wide due to having the Listen To Your Body Head Office located within the building. 

It is also the largest studio within the network with almost 300SQM of floor space to sweat it up!

The aim of the studio is to impact many local members lives through quality training, education and a heap of fun.

Our Team

  • Photo of Laurie Checketts

    Laurie Checketts - Owner-Personal Trainer

    Laurie Checketts is the Owner of Listen To Your Body - East Keilor.

    Laurie grew up on Wyong Street, just metres away from the East Keilor studio, and has lived most of her life in the North Western suburbs of Melbourne.

    Laurie has 3 school-aged children, who provided her original motivation to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    Previously unfit and overweight, Laurie's life was transformed when she joined LTYB as a member and met founder Ben Fletcher in 2010. Ben inspired Laurie to be the best version of herself, culminating in Laurie becoming a personal trainer and LTYB studio owner.

    Laurie is passionate about helping others with their lifestyle and fitness goals, and also has a keen interest in diet and nutrition. On the training floor she is always there to listen to her clients, help and support them in all aspects of their health and fitness journey. She loves designing new fitness programs and tailoring them to exactly what her clients need.

  • Photo of Cris  Abate

    Cris Abate - Personal Trainer

    I lost 40kgs and thanks to Listen to Your Body I have kept it off for almost 10 years.
    I started training with LTYB when Ben Fletcher was running Personal Training from Ascot Vale Leisure Centre (around 10 years ago). LTYB changed my life in so many ways, and as a result of this, a few years ago I decided I wanted to become a Personal Trainer so I could help other people change their lives and improve their health and fitness. I started working in the LTYB network over 4 years ago then took some time off to travel around Australia in a caravan with my gorgeous husband. Our trip was amazing and we talk about it every day, I did things I never dreamt were possible with my old body. We were gone for 18 months and while we were crossing the Nullarbor Plain Ben Fletcher rang me with an offer to manage the East Keilor Studio. I have been manager at East Keilor since it opened and in this time I have met and trained some of the most amazing people.

  • Photo of Ash Kelly

    Ash Kelly - Personal Trainer

    I am a former basketballer, forced into early retirement with severe ankle trauma. I have always had a passion for health and fitness but really fell in love with the weight room when playing college basketball in America.
    I am a Graphic Designer as well as a PT and currently fulfill both roles at LTYB. I have a beautiful Border Collie and spend most of my free time out on the oval throwing the ball to him or experimenting with healthy food recipes, coaching junior basketball at Melbourne Tigers and hanging out with my awesome niece and nephew.

  • Photo of Elizabeth Cornish

    Elizabeth Cornish - Personal Trainer

    I am married with 4 children 21yr old daughter and 19yr old son and two step daughters 25 and 20yrs old. I have 2 dogs West Highland Terriers.

    I was originally a member of LTYB Strathmore for years and fell in love with the model.
    Previous to that, I was a member at a gym for years and never got the same results as I did with LTYB.

    That is when I decided I wanted to be a Personal Trainer with the group.

Membership Pricing

  • 1 Month Intro Offer Unlimited Sessions (max one per day)
    Prepaid only
  • Weekly Membership (max one per day)
    Direct debited weekly
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