Listen To Your Body
Brunswick, VIC

(03) 9077 7721
Our brand new, state-of-the-art studio provides the best quality personal training services and classes.

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Our Studio

You'll find the LTYB Brunswick studio located at 360 Lygon St near the corner of Victoria St and Lygon St, East Brunswick!

The studio is owned by long term members Roshan and Vanessa! The team fell in love with the model in 2012 and made a decision in 2013 to change careers with a goal to make changes to members' lives in the same way they have made changes!

The aim of the studio is to make an impact on 300 people’s lives through consistent training, health awareness and education giving members the best chance to achieve their goals. We are very focused on ensuring that every session is individually tailored to the specific needs of our members. We believe that every person is unique and they require training programs that suit their needs.

Our Team

  • Photo of Roshan Peiris

    Roshan Peiris - Personal Trainer

    I have been in the industry of fitness for 2 years now and it’s amazing how much you learn day by day, facing challenges of different clients and different goals that people have.

    The most enjoyable aspect of what we do is hearing our awesome members talk about the difference our 45 minute training sessions makes to their lives.

    We are very lucky to change lives every day!

  • Photo of Vanessa Cocks

    Vanessa Cocks - Personal Trainer

    "I started training at LTYB in 2011 and fell in love with the model. Over the years I have always trained and had tried out many different gyms, but at LTYB I got the help I needed to keep me motivated and also enjoyed every session. After training at LTYB for six years, it made me realise how much I am interested in the health and fitness industry and how much I would like to help other people change their lives for the better. Myself and my friend Roshan, decided to open our own LTYB studio in May 2016 and we are both also Personal Trainers in the studio and we have already helped change people's lives and have enjoyed every step of the journey."

Membership Pricing

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  • 25 PT Sessions
    Prepaid only
  • 75 PT Sessions
    Prepaid only
  • 3 Months - Unlimited Sessions (max one per day)
    Prepaid only
  • Weekly Membership (max one per day)
    Direct debited weekly
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