Listen To Your Body isn’t your regular fitness studio.

No mirrors, no bootcamp style sessions, no shameless selfie zones and no commando style trainers.

What we are, is a family run studio where everyone has a place and feels like they are part of a healthy, supportive community. You become part of our family.

7 days a week, we run 45 minute Personalised Training sessions.


You book into your sessions via our app. (Over 60 sessions available, 7 days a week!)

In your session, you are trained by a qualified personal trainer according to your fitness levels and goals.

All exercises prescribed to you are specific to your body and goals as hey, we're all different!

Our results-based training provide the atmosphere of a friendly and supportive group environment but with targeted and tailored workouts prescribed by your trainer for each individual!


In addition to personalised training sessions, we also offer HIIT and Boxing Classes.


An Accredited Exercise Physiologist is an allied health professional who prescribes exercise for preventing and managing chronic diseases and injuries, as well as improving health and performance.

Our EP’s use exercise as a form treatment to assess and treat a number of conditions including but not limited to:


Chronic pain



Joint pain & muscle strains

Paediatric conditions


Heart & lung conditions

Pre- and postnatal

Mental health conditions

Weight loss management

Our Exercise Physiology services include:

One-on-one studio sessions

Group Classes


Home visits

Our Exercise Physiology services are compliant with:





Work Cover

Private Health Insurers

Check if you are eligible or make a booking

No Mirrors

Supportive Trainers Train You

Be part of a fitness community

No lock in contracts



Photo of Dayne Nankervis



I have been in the LTYB network for 8 years after seeing my family train at a LTYB studio since 2009. It appealed to me that my brother and father could train in the same session, but be individually prescribed exercises to optimise their health and get great results.

We then opened LTYB Moonee Ponds in January 2014.

Since then, our family run business has grown to a team of 9 talented and passionate instructors and Allied Health Professionals who are all dedicated to creating a community where people can get fit and exercise in a safe, welcoming, fun environment.

Photo of Jacquii  Vu


Studio Manager and Personal Trainer

I am currently living out my dream - to build a healthy community and bring health and fitness to as many lives as possible. My passion is to help people live an active lifestyle as I believe exercise should be seen as medicine and a daily lifelong remedy. Here at LTYB, we listen to people’s needs, together we set realistic goals, provide an environment where these goals can be met while supporting, challenging and encouraging. We instill confidence in everyone to exercise consistently and support their journey.

Qualifications include Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness and certified in Barre.

Photo of Ellen Vincent


Personal Trainer

From as young as I can remember I always knew sport and exercise was something that was going to be a large part of my life. I feel most like myself and my happiest when I am sharing this passion with my team. Sharing this wonderful feeling of enjoyment and accomplishment has been a driving force for me to continue to further my academic studies in this field. I have a particular interest in Strength and Conditioning as well as Rehabilitation.

My goal is to support people’s journey; to push each and every individual towards their highest potential both in and out of the gym. I strive to be the best trainer and athlete possible so I can offer the most diverse, challenging, informative and enjoyable workouts. If it wasn’t for Jacquii and the team for their confidence in me by providing opportunities and support (for my crazy ideas) I wouldn’t have as greater passion as I do today for what I do.

Qualifications include bachelor of Exercise Science, Cert 3 in Group Fitness,FEI Level 1 coach, Cert 4 in Allied Health Assistance, Introductory NCAS Equestrian Coach.

Photo of Zoe  Henwood


Personal Trainer

My aim is to make a fun and safe place for our clients to enjoy exercise. I believe that exercise is for everyone no matter what and I strive to make time in the gym a positive experience.

I love getting to know you and find out what your exercise goals are so that we can work on exercises that are perfect for you! Beginners to exercise can find confidence with me, as I help guide you on your fitness journey. Experienced gym goers can enjoy exercises matched to challenge you and go further then you thought you could!

Qualifications include masters in Exercise Physiology, Bachelor of Human Movement, Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness.

Photo of Danielle  Marcato


Personal Trainer

I have always loved helping people and had a passion for sport and exercise; I'm now living out my dream which is a combination of both.

After rupturing my ACL playing netball, I joined LTYB as a member 5 years ago to help me with my rehabilitating my knee.

During this time, I realised that my passion for sport and exercise could be channelled through personal training. Being part of the LTYB community changed my life and I knew that I wanted to be able to repay the favour to others.

My aim is to create an environment that empowers individuals to challenge themselves, feel confident, happy and inspired to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

My sessions provide a variety of suitable strength and conditioning exercises that are specifically tailored to helping the individual achieve and progress towards their goals.

Qualifications include Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports Science and Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness.

Photo of Lachy Durban


Personal Trainer

I have had a passion for sport and fitness my whole life which has led into me completing my degree at Deakin University in Exercise and Sports Science with majors in Exercise Physiology and Strength and conditioning. I have been training with LTYB since 2014 and began as a trainer in 2019 across the Brunswick and Moonee Ponds studios.

I have furthered my development in this industry by completing internships with Core Advantage Athletic Development and the Saint Kilda Football Clubs Next Generation Academy, a part of the high-performance team. I am always aiming to further develop my knowledge to improve the experience for every client that I meet and train along the way.

My goals with LTYB are to develop amazing relationships with individuals across all areas whilst we both improve physically and mentally together.

Qualifications include Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science with majors in Exercise Physiology & Strength and Conditioning

Photo of Emily Gray


Personal Trainer

I have a passion for helping people to be the best versions of themselves and helping people achieve their goals. What pushed me into the health and fitness industry was my own fitness and weight loss journey, which further led me to develop a fascination with the human body and all the things it's capable of.

From a young age I have done dancing and I am now extremely passionate about my own health and fitness - you will find me in the gym on a regular basis or in the kitchen experimenting low-calorie recipe options!

I find it extremely rewarding to assist clients in reaching their goals no matter how big or small the goal may be! My future goal is to become an Exercise Physiologist.

Qualifications include Bachelor of Clinical Exercises Science and currently completing her Masters of Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation.

Photo of Sarah Tilley


Exercise Physiologist

I’ve always had a passion for health & fitness! Being an Accredited Exercise Physiologist allows me to use my passion to help those in need. My ultimate goal is to help people with chronic conditions, injuries and/or pain, function and feel better through exercise and movement. I use a holistic approach to ensure every program is personalised to suit to each person, no matter their age or fitness level.

I can help people living with a range or different conditions and injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • Osteoarthrtis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Joint pain & muscle strains
  • Paediatric conditions
  • Cancer
  • Heart & lung conditions
  • Pre- and postnatal
  • Mental health conditions

My Exercise Physiology services are eligible with Medicare, NDIS, DVA, TAC, WorkSafe and private health insurance.

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