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Moonee Ponds, VIC

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Achieve your fitness and health goals in the heart of Moonee Ponds! We are a family run and community based studio where all levels are welcome as we believe exercise is for life!

Email us for a complimentary consultation and together, we can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Our Studio

Listen To Your Body isn’t your regular fitness studio.

No mirrors, no bootcamp style sessions, no shameless selfie zones and no commando style trainers.

What we are, is a family run studio where everyone has a place and feels like they are part of a healthy community.

7 days a week, we run 45 minute Personalised Training sessions.


  • You book into a session time that suits you. Other clients may be booked into that session time too!
  • In that session, you are trained by a qualified personal trainer according to your fitness levels and goals.
  • Although in a group environment, no one is doing the same exercises as you because everyone is different!
  • This training method provides a friendly and supportive environment while at the same time, workouts prescribed by your trainer are goal orientated and tailored towards your needs.


In addition to personalised training sessions, we also offer:

  • Exercise Physiology one-on-one sessions and group classes (check your eligibility for Medicare, TAC and Private Health Insurance rebates on our Exercise Physiology services)
  • Check if you are eligible


  • Boxing
  • Barre
  • HIIT

  • Class Schedule
  • Memberships/Packages

Our Team

  • Photo of Dayne Nankervis

    Dayne Nankervis - Owner

    I have been in the LTYB network for 6 years after seeing my family train at a LTYB studio since 2009. It appealed to me that my brother and father could train in the same session and get great results.

    We then opened LTYB Moonee Ponds in January 2014.

    Since then, our family run business has grown to a team of 7 dedicated and passionate instructors and Allied Health Professionals who have all contributed to creating a community where people can get fit and exercise in a safe, welcoming, fun environment.

  • Photo of Jacquii  Vu

    Jacquii Vu - Owner/ Studio Manager/Head Personal Trainer

    I am currently living out my dream - to build a healthy community and bring health and fitness to as many lives as possible. My passion is to help people live an active lifestyle as I believe exercise should be seen as medicine and a daily remedy.
    Here at LTYB, we listen to people’s needs, together we set realistic goals, provide an environment where these goals can be met while supporting, challenging and encouraging. We instill confidence in everyone to exercise consistently and support their journey.
    Qualifications include Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness and certified in Barre.

    "Jacqui works tirelessly to build a positive space for sustainable fitness with enthusiasm and professionalism. While training at LTYB Moonee Ponds, my strength and fitness has improved exponentially. Most importantly, Jacqui cultivates a fitness community (rather than a fitness cult or bootcamp), which means I never dread my workout and have maintained my enthusiasm for fitness in a sustainable, positive way".
    - Joey, 24

    'Jacquii was so encouraging when I came down and supported me to get some routine about my exercise. She was happy to answer any questions I had and put up with many messages prior to me getting started. Jacquii’s support and encouragement is amazing... I almost enjoy exercising!"
    - Jeanette, 59

  • Photo of Ruby Cashmore

    Ruby Cashmore - Personal Trainer

    I am fascinated in the link between well-being and exercise and want to help people in achieving that. I believe exercise brings people together with a sense of community and belonging, which has dramatically complimented my studies in social work and psychology.
    I approach our clients with kindness, respect and compassion, and believe I help make our a studio a fun and engaging environment.
    My studies and experience within the human services field has assisted me in being able to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and experiences.
    I genuinely care so much for every single client that walks into the studio and make it my priority to pursue their goals.
    Every session you train with me, you will receive a complimentary weather report and good news story.
    Qualifications include Cert 3 + 4 Fitness, Cert 3 in Disability Support, Bachelor of Social Work.

  • Photo of Ellen Vincent

    Ellen Vincent - Personal Trainer

    I have always loved sport and from a young age have participating in calisthenics, horse riding, athletics, dance and tennis and squash. I am now a competitive equestrian vaulter so this in addition with my passion for helping others, has been the driving force behind my studies. This year I will have completed my Bachelor of Exercise Science with plans to go into Exercise Physiology or Strength and Conditioning.
    I believe through encouragement and support, exercise can be accessible to everyone and I can help people achieve their goals! Playing a part in our client’s fitness journey’s is a blessing to me. My sessions provide client’s with variety, challenges, satisfaction and results!
    Qualifications include Cert 3 in Group Fitness, Introductory NCAS Equestrian Coach, FEI Level 1 coach, Cert 4 in Allied Health Assistance, Bachelor of Exercise Science at Latrobe Uni (completion in November 2019)

  • Photo of Trent Ambrosini

    Trent Ambrosini - Personal Trainer

    Growing up, my passion was playing sport and improving my own athletic attributes. This was the drive behind furthering my knowledge and getting my Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness qualifications and I am now working towards becoming a Physiotherapist.
    I believe I can help people in many aspects of health and well-being, from having a balanced lifestyle to helping client’s achieve specific goals whether it be strength and conditioning, rehabilitation or just wanting to get moving! In my sessions, everyone is different which is why I prescribe tailored exercise programs to meet every client’s needs.
    The most important thing in my opinion, is that the client is making progressions towards their goals without risk of injury and that is my focus for each and every client who walks through our door.
    Qualifications include Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Fitness, Cert 1 and 2 in Sports and Recreation plus currently undertaking Bachelor of Exercise Science.

  • Photo of Zoe  Henwood

    Zoe Henwood - Personal Trainer and Accredited Exercise Physiologist

    When I did my Bachelor in Human Movement I knew my calling in life was to help people live better through exercise. During my studies I found out more about Exercise Physiology and loved that exercise is prescribed as medicine to help people from all walks of life, whether they have a chronic illness, injury or disease or simply want to move and feel better!
    In my sessions, I’m goal driven and I am passionate about helping every client have their needs met. My focus is to prescribe suitable exercises for every individual that walks through the door while providing support, encouragement, energy and of course a bit of fun along the way!
    Qualifications include Cert 3 + 4 in Group Fitness, Bachelor of Human Movement, Masters in Exercise Physiology

  • Photo of Sarah Tilley

    Sarah Tilley - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

    From a young age, health and fitness has been my passion and I’ve played everything from hockey to waterpolo to netball. Being an Accredited Exercise Physiologist made me realise I could get the best of both worlds – use my passion for health and exercise to help those in need.

    My ultimate goal is to help more people in the community function and move better throughout all stages of life.
    Check your eligibility for Medicare, TAC and Private Health Insurance rebates on my Exercise Physiology services.

    My one-on-one sessions and weekly group classes specilise but are not limited to the below:
    • Lower back pain
    • Chronic pain
    • Sports injury
    • Arthritis
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Lung disease
    • Osteoporosis
    • Pre and post natal
    • Mental Health
    • New to exercise

    Come visit me in my brand new shop front and first Exercise Physiology studio in Moonee Ponds, right next door to Listen To Your Body! Read more about Exercise Physiology or book a consultation.

Membership Pricing

  • 1 Month Intro Offer Unlimited Sessions
    Prepaid only
  • 10 Session Pass- 'No Expiry'
    Prepaid Only
  • 25 PT Sessions- 'No Expiry'
    Prepaid only
  • 75 PT Sessions- 'No Expiry'
    Prepaid only
  • Weekly Membership - Max 1 session per day - EXCLUDES Group Classes*
    Direct debited weekly
  • Weekly Membership -Unlimited sessions - INCLUDES Group Classes*
    Direct debited weekly