Listen To Your Body
Mermaid Waters, QLD

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Our state-of-the-art studio provides the best quality personal training services and classes.

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Our Studio

Our LTYB Mermaid Waters Studio opened in July, 2017. The studio is located on the Corner of Markeri St and Sunshine Blvd. 

The goal of the studio is to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of 200 members who live or work close to the location.

Our studio is a private space suitable for member's who like to train in a boutique private training environment with full programming support of our Personal Trainers.

Our Team

  • Photo of Jacqui Anderson

    Jacqui Anderson - Studio Owner

    Studio owner Jacqui started as an LTYB member back in 2013 in a Victorian studio. She then became an enthusiastic trainer and wanted to share her passion and love for health and fitness with others.

    After making the move to the Sunshine state in 2015, Jacqui saw a gap in the personal training industry and had an amazing opportunity to bring the Listen to Your Body model to the Gold Coast in 2017.

    Jacqui helps members achieve a balanced and happier lifestyle that encompasses all aspects of health and wellness and wants to create an environment that motivates and empowers individuals to challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way! Jacqui believes that training is not just a way to stay in shape, but a base to improve the way we live, tackle health issues and help us to enjoy all kinds of movement.

    Jacqui will always greet you with a smiling face so pop in and say hi soon!

  • Photo of Nadia Zarew

    Nadia Zarew - Head Personal Trainer

    Nadia joined the LTYB Mermaid Waters team in early October 2017. Through her own passion for health and fitness, previous industry experience and in depth knowledge, she is super committed to help our members get results.

    Nadia is committed to many styles of training as she has a holistic view on getting results and firmly believes Nutrition combined with consistent strength training is key to get results.

    Her favourite exercises are Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press and anything functional to the individual.

  • Photo of Jack Brazier

    Jack Brazier - Personal Trainer

    Jacks health and wellness journey started with his own personal battles and seeing people dear to him suffer from chronic health conditions, from this hardship he went down the path of health and now believes that preventative healthcare is the way of the future!

    Jack has been in the health and wellness industry since about 16 years old, at 19 he went to university and studied a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Clinical Myotherapy. This lead him to work in a holistic healthcare clinic with specialties treating chronic pain. This is where his belief and continued education solidified his belief of a preventative individualised model for health and wellness.

    Jack believes his purpose in this earth is to do his part in creating a more healthy future for the whole planet and all of its plants and animals, he also loves handstands.

    Jack might be hard on you whilst coaching you in the gym but his kind heart always has good intentions for you and your health and wellness journey. @jack_primitivehumanhealth